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Construction Drone Photography and Videography

The construction industry is one of the heaviest users of drone photography due to the fact that we are able to scale large heights on projects and get the footage of your project that you need, whether that be as part of a process where you need to assess the build or potentially as part of a marketing campaign to promote the construction.

Roof/ Building Inspection

Drone roof inspections are now a great alternative, and can cost much less. They are also generally quicker, easier to arrange and can provide more detailed evidence of the state of a roof. In the case of a roof inspection report for insurance, images from a drone can be very powerful in getting a fair payment.

Construction projects benefit from an aerial vantage point and thanks to drone technology it’s quicker and easier than ever to get an eye in the sky that is able to collect video, photos and data that you can put to work on a project. 
The Use of Aerial photography has a variety of applications and I’ve listed some below:
  1. Marketing– Show off your recent projects to potential clients to gain more business and awareness.
  2. Stakeholders– Update stakeholders/ investors on construction progress.
  3. Demonstrate capability– Aerial Photos and “Before and after” shots show capabilities of your construction firm.
  4. Project Life cycles- boost regular flows of information to show the reality of the project.
Here at Fuga Drones we pride ourselves in providing the best Aerial Footage to suit your needs. We are Professional, Reliable and Adaptable.

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